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Less in bay clutter, I'm working on my E46 "Track prepped "show car. Truthfully I hadn't taken the latter into consideration, Until now…Not a bad idea. Though I'd be just as happily content with the in bay brake lines package you offer as is, just thought I'd ask a few questions before diving in. By the way thanks for the quick reply you guys are awesome. I have a friend that runs your BBE in an eg civic, took one look & had to have it. The pedal feel was great, not far off from stocks leg effort that was one of only concerns about the mod.


SR20DET Wiring harness

Hey there, I bought a harness from you guys a while back. I was having all kinds of wiring issues since it was a custom chassis harness and what my novice wiring experience led me to believe was a faulty harness. Needless to say it wasn't. I had blown a Sv diode in my AEM and once that was replaced it worked great. I was pretty rude in some of my emails and a little hasty with your representatives. In the big scheme of your company this isn't a big deal but I want to at least make it right. Your harnesses are fantastic and look amazing. I stand behind and support your harness 150%. Thanks.  

Logan Dimick

Thank you. I wish you guys had one for the dual ECU setup RB/3502. I used one of yours for a sick little LS2 s13 coupe, it was the nicest swap harness I've ever installed.


Hey guys!!! Just wanted to email you guys and let you know and your team of the amazing job and customer service u always provide with the fast responses to my questions and emails also on the wicked fast shipping you provide for us I will always be a customer and will and always recommend ChaseBays to friends Thanks again keep it up!

Anthony Ceballos 

Hey said he would love it and you could remove the trans harness since he wont be using it. Or reverse. Also he wanted to no if with these things removed if he can get it for 600$?Btw my harness fits freaking lovely and started right up. Thanks a bunch guys!

Erwin Thomas

Okay, thank you for your help. On another note the power steering kit and coolant overflow tank I received look amazing. You guys make a great product and the customer service is wonderful. I really appreciate it and look forward to doing business with you on the future. Thank you.

Chase Snider

Just one more thing .... how am I supposed to tell the difference between which injectors go to what? There are 3 sets of 2 that are the same length so how do I distinguish what is what. Am I supposed to ring them out back to where they land on the ecu? Besides all that I think the harness came out way better then expected. I am very happy with the quality far better then ones I received from wire specialties.


I have a question about the harness I got from you guys so the boost solenoid wires I how does that work? The harness works so good I have been in the drifting game for ten years now and have used many wiring company's and by far you guys are the best looks the best and performs the best car started right away anyways if I can get some info on the boost wires in the engine bay.


Ok cool. Thanks! This coolant reservoir is very nice quality by the way! I was hesitant to spend so much on a coolant reservoir when it's gonna just be tucked under the nose panel on my car out of sight, but I'm glad I did once I got it! Thanks


Perfect! Thanks a lot, I have to tell you, all the CHASEBAYS parts that am using have exceeded expectations, the brake, clutch, fuel and ground kit are awesome, the brake booster delete everything fits perfect and looks sick. Great job with all the parts. Looking forward to order more parts for other projects. Thanks

Jose Sanchez

Amazing work *****

Product: Chase Bays Engine Harness - Toyota 2JZ-GTE

So finally got my harness in from ChaseBay for my 2j s14 and first I want to start by saying WOW!. I use to use wiring specialties and have always been good and great service but this blows my mind amazing quality well put together and built looks tunning thank you guys at ChaseBay also harness was almost done I called and added a boost controller and they did it without a prob.


Great looking harness  Product: Chase Bays Engine Harness - GM LS I Vortec VS Throttle Cable

We were able to install harness in a timely manner very simple and looks great. Definitely worth it and may get another.


Order #5766: I purchased a wire harness from you guys turned out great. I was wondering if you can send me a list of wire labeled so I can wire into a Dakota digital dash. I'm pretty sure you sent me one before but I downloaded on old phone. Thank you for your cooperation look forward to doing future business. Have a good day!

Jonathan Uribe 

On the plus side the car feels so much better and smoother now with the new harness, and it has also killed the relay delay for the fuel pump, which was causing my intermittent problems. Thanks again.

Dennison Seeto