Chase Bays is introducing a new aspect to our website, a customer feedback section. This is definitely not a new thing to our industry, but it is something that often gets forgotten or pushed aside.  So we wanted to add something to the site showcasing positive customer feedback and we will continue to add to this with any posts that we receive. If you have had a positive sales experience with Chase Bays or simply have received any type of exceptional customer service from any of our team members then by all means let us know. (We accept constructive critism too!) Our outside of the box approach here was to use actual screenshots of the reviews instead of just copy pasting and attaching a name. Otherwise its just words and a name that for all we know is fake.


 Whether you inform us by social media or e-mail, we will copy your feedback and put it on the site for others to see. Let's face it, you want to buy from a company that has good reviews and has a solid team willing to help you however they can. So please feel free to view our new feedback section and view positive experiences from a few of our satisfied customers.


If you have anything that you'd like to submit, leave feedback via: (hashtag #ChaseBays) (hashtag #ChaseBays)

Major internet forums (link us to the post via email -


We greatly appreciate your support over the years, and we will only improve daily.



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