*USED* Chase Bays Power Steering Delete - 92-95 Civic | 94-01 Integra



ALL Scratch and Dent / Prototype items are sold as is. Expect scratches and visible marks of being installed. If you want perfect quality then buy it new. We will specify below if the item is used, installed but unused, or just scratched/second quality. All items are in working condition.


The hoses and fittings in this kit will actually be 100% new. The reservoir is the only used item. Years ago we had a few dozen Power Steering Reservoirs go out with our internal magic baffle positioned incorrectly and this caused air bubbles to form in the reservoir under heavy use. We recalled those and that's what you're buying. The great thing for both of us is on Power Steering Delete systems it won't effect use whatsoever since the system isn't as demanding as a functioning Power Steering system.

Also for what it's worth we redesigned the internal baffle to have a keyway so our welders have no possible way to misalign it in production. So if you ever need a Power Steering Kit it will function at 100% out of the box. We cleaned the reservoir well but there may be residual ATF slowly seeping out once it arrives to you. For reservoir damage reference see the attached close up photos above. The first photo is the best case and the second is worst case. First come first serve, we're fulfilling the orders with best reservoirs first. 

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