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McMaster Motorsports Park Disaster Tee



When we announced we were working on McMaster Motorsports Track...there were some unhappy locals who created hypotheticals and then got angry at them. They blew up the city council members phones, called the news on us, and started the hashtag #StopMcMasterDisaster

We thought my god that's belongs on a shirt! And here we are selling that shirt. These are the BEST tee shirts imaginable, Comfort Colors. It's by far our favorite shirt type we've ever used. Very soft and comfortable. Not too thin that they loose shape and not too thick that they burn you up. They run true to size and are faded black in color.

NOTE: The feedback on our original post was INCREDIBLE, we’ve had and continue to have conversations with many sanctioning bodies. The plan has outgrown the initial Trussville location. So the locals can calm down. Many developments are in the works and we'll keep you posted as much as we can.

Shirt designed by Dustin Williams of Chase Bays and OkeyDokeBrand.