Chase Bays Hydro Hand Brake
We are beyond excited to announce the Chase Bays Hydraulic Hand Brake. This has been in the works behind the scenes for a while. Here were our main goals with this minimalist design:

• Compact. By using a side mount master cylinder we've created the most compact base and master cylinder mount available. We wanted the ability to install under factory center consoles and others on the market do not allow for this. Ours is over 2" inches shorter than the current popular options.

• Stability. No excessive wobbling of the handle and a more solid mounting option. The factory trans tunnel metal flexes too much, we're offering a steel plate that matches the base shape with nuts pre-welded on. This is sandwiched under the chassis or you can weld onto the top. This makes mounting a breeze and creates a sturdy mount.

• Modular. We have designs for stand alone and inline style MC, with the handle being reversible for Pull-Up or Pull-Towards.

• Complete. This does OR it will have the option for everything you need to install. We offer over hundreds of -3AN Brake and Clutch Line kits already, so we'll be offering chassis specific Brake Line Kits and Universal kits to assist your install further.

This is already strength tested and is being drift tested as I type. In less than a week we will be sending to production. We will be doing a pre-order and you can expect these in two months.

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