Chase Bays, Inc was started by Chase McMaster in 2005. Chase Bays designs and manufactures High End Fluid Transfer Products for the aftermarket automotive industry. These products are designed increase performance and aesthetics while saving weight and space. They’re focused for the Braking, Cooling, Power Steering, Clutch, and Fuel Delivery components of the car. Chase Bays always strives to be the best and offer the best customer experience. If there is a better component or method, we’re going to use it.

It all started from an OCD mind while working under the hood of a 1988 Honda. There was so much clutter and things in the way, it felt like a messy desk. One by one Chase cleaned things up. First the engine bay wiring, then the fuel lines, brake lines, power steering, radiator, and so on. From there he posted the work on internet forums and people wanted the same thing on their cars and were willing to pay for it. The end result was a very clutter free engine bay that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to work on. It practically looked like a floating engine.

From just friends and locals to traveling around the US to do these conversions in person, Chase was busy! Eventually he got tired of working on cars at other peoples shops or homes and set out to make products he could put on a website and ship. One by one he found ways and after a few months completely stopped working on cars. Just getting products on the shelf, selling them, and shipping them out. Not long after he started taking his car to the track for fun and for product testing. It didn’t take long to find more weak points in the original components he’d become so familiar with, ones he could solve with new products. Once more uses of these products were uncovered, it slowly snowballed into what it is today.

Throughout all of this, Chase Bays did offer new engine wiring harnesses. After struggling with managing two complex businesses in one and never seeing profit from it, the wiring side of Chase Bays was sold. This gave Chase and his staff the opportunity to focus up on what they were most passionate about and could finally turn a profit. All of the products got revisions from start to finish, a new website and logo was released, and the company doubled in size from 2016 to 2017 because of this.

We firmly believe the quote "Success is in the details." From the look of our products, we feel its notable they're detail oriented. From the initial thought and idea, the R&D, the testing, and the final release to being a product on our website. Nothing is left out and we try to consider everything. Our products are tested and tested to make sure they work well against our abuse and eventually yours.

The details certainly don't begin or end at the product. The look of our website, the amount of clicks to purchase an item, the communication, the handling and care of the product from the shelf to its box, the packaging, and the customer service. We just want your service and products from Chase Bays to be incredible. With your support; we aren't going anywhere. And we will continue bringing innovative products to your doors for decades to come.

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