Chase Bays, Inc was started by Chase McMaster in 2005. Starting out doing affordable, reliable wiring for friends and locals to raise money for college, turned into the present day product based business you see today. Our offices and warehouse are located in Birmingham, AL and we specialize in high end re-designed and re-invented engine harnesses using brand new components. We also have an entire line of AN plumbing/fluid transfer products and kits for applicable chassis. Brakes, Cooling, Power Steering, Clutch Lines, and Fuel Delivery. With all of our kits, we try to make them as fully inclusive as possible. Complete kits, everything included. 

The company has had the same goals and principles that has carried its name throughout the years. Simply put, functional products that are aesthetically pleasing. Chase Bays products are original and innovative. We were the first company to bring you production motorsport/tucked engine harness for the engines that we cater to. We were the first company to bring you all of the AN fluid transfer products in the fashion that we do. So we're always 3 steps ahead and constantly changing and improving our product line. Designed by detail oriented minds, consumers of the products we create, and true car enthusiasts. 

Our staff prides itself on maintaining the founders goals of performance, design, functionality, and and looks that kill. This was never a simple task, and required us to overcome several obstacles. Production times were a huge issue for years. Finding the companies we purchase tools or material from was the first issue. Finding fast and efficient ways to complete the orders, gaining structure, inventory management, shipping companies, everything start to finish. The things you don't see are the things that take us the most time. Through all these the obstacles, mistakes have been made. There's no doubt that any company will leave customers upset through its early days and growing pains. With every mistake made, there is a lesson learned. With the lesson learned, wisdom and knowledge are gained. This is the real world wisdom and knowledge that mentally drives Chase Bays, Inc today.

We firmly believe the quote "Success is in the details." From the look of our products, its notable that they're completely detail oriented. From the initial thought and idea, the R&D, the testing, and the final release to being a product on our website. Nothing is left out. Our products are tested and tested and tested, to make sure they work well against our abuse, and eventually yours. The details certainly don't begin or end at the product.

The look of our website, the amount of clicks to purchase an item, the communication and follow up emails on your order, the handling and care of the product from the shelf to its box, the taping and packaging, the install help phone call or email. These are just a few of the details we've thought out within the company to be certain your service and products are 110%. We want your business with Chase Bays, Inc to be incredible. We tell you all this so you know why we're here today. As artists of a product, as enthusiasts wanting to provide fellow enthusiasts with great products, as professionals. We're here forYOU, taking great pride in our products & service. With your support, we aren't going anywhere and will continue bringing great innovative products to our industry.