Top 5 Chasebays products for Road Racing

1. Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete

There are many reasons why this is a must.  Just looking through our blogs and social media will explain in depth why this is a must for anyone that wants to be on track.  The key points are; consistent brake feel, which leads to predictable brake conduct, which allows you to experiment with braking zones and find the sweet spot sooner. 

2. Caliper Brake Lines
This is also a great addition to any vehicle in a high-performance environment.  The factory lines can actually swell during high brake pressure.  This will cause fatigue over time and can actually crack.  The swelling also will cause issues with optimal braking since you have increased the volume in the line, and you could get a longer pedal reducing driver confidence.  When this happens, generally driver will “grab more pedal”, they will release and re-grab hurting the braking zone significantly. 
3. Tucked Radiator/Fans
Racing is all about temperature management.  Everything runs hot, including the driver, so having a larger radiator with proper fans will ensure you keep the heart of the vehicle healthy.  The Chase Bays dual-pass radiator allows the coolant to make two passes through the rad giving it more time in the airstream.  This along with increased volume over stock will take care of your cooling needs.  Factory plastic end tanks are also prone to cracking due to multiple heat cycles.  A great way to ruin a track weekend, is to crack a plastic end tank or overheat your engine.4. Oil Cooler/ Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate
We want to also keep the blood of the vehicle cooled off.  The oil cooler is certainly the way to go.  This will also increase your oil capacity.  During morning engine warmups, the coolers could possibly cause an extended warmup.  With the Chasebays thermostatic plate, this will eliminate that and allow the car to warm up quickly before allowing the cooler to function at 100%.



5. Power Steering Kit with Cooler

Power steering is a great thing.  It certainly cuts down on driver fatigue allowing you to function longer.  However, many times power steering fluid will boil due to how much we demand of it.  Chasebays has power steering kits that correct this.  The coolers are sleek and don’t require much room.  Just like engine oil, power steering fluid needs to be thermally maintained.


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