Chase Bays Dual Rear Caliper Kit - BMW E36 | E46


Introducing the all new Chase Bays Dual Rear Caliper Brackets for E36 non-M (must use E36 M3 caliper and rotor)E36 M3, E46 non-M 330i/ci (must use E36 M3 caliper and rotor), and E46 M3.

• Utilizes Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers and Wilwood BP-10 Brake Pads
• Utilizes OE rotor sizes for direct bolt-on applications
• Includes all install hardware necessary
• Does NOT require the removal of the rear hubs

This kit will enable the use of a Standalone Hydro Handbrake as opposed to an Inline Hydro Handbrake. Inline setups can work great, but having a caliper strictly dedicated to locking the rear wheels on command is a large benefit when it comes to drifting. No more stretching OE parking brake cables or losing the ability to left foot brake with an inline setup. If you want to increase your car's capability for drifting, this product is for you. It's real slick. REAL slick.

Everything you need to install a secondary pair of calipers to the rear of your E36 or E46.

• Left and Right Dual Rear Caliper Brackets
• Wilwood Calipers with adapters to 3AN (2 total)
• BP-10 Brake Pads for Wilwood Calipers (4 total)
• Mounting bolts for DCB to RTA's (6 total)
• Mounting bolts for DCB to Wilwood Caliper (4 total)

The OE parking brake components will need to be removed behind the rotor. The DCB bolts directly to the RTA behind the rotor using 3 factory threaded holes per side. This kit requires no drilling, cutting, or grinding to any OE components. The upper control arm attachment bolt to the RTA will be close to the Wilwood caliper, but during testing we have seen that it will clear.
Don't forget to purchase our Hydro Handbrake. It's compact, comfortable, sturdy, and easy to mount.

We offer a Handbrake Brake Line Kit, too:

If you purchase the product on this page, the Handbrake, and the Handbrake Brake Line Kit...its EVERYTHING you need to install a Handbrake into your E36 or E46 3 series.