Chase Bays Compact Fuel Pressure Regulator



Chase Bays Compact Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • 6061 Aluminum, Hard UV-Proof Anodized Chase Bays Signature Black
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Includes adapters to connect to -6AN Lines
  • -8AN ORB Inlet/Outlet Ports and -6AN Return Port
  • 1/8 NPT Gauge Port
  • Includes Modular Mounting Bracket
  • Adjustable from 40PSI - 120PSI

The Chase Bays Fuel Pressure Regulator was designed to be a compact, easy to mount, and aesthetically pleasing solution for low to high horsepower applications. Street, Road Race, Drift, Drag, or Rally. It can handle it. Nearly every if not ALL fuel pressures have terrible mounting solutions. Some of the most popular ones have misaligned holes that need angle allen heads or wobble sockets. Our INCLUDED bracket bolt pattern has a vertical slot instead of two holes that don't line up to anything. What are some of these companies thinking? We have no clue. But we mounted our FPR up to all 15 chassis we have in house with ease. See photo scroll for more!

Without a reliable and consistent fuel pressure, your ECU has no way of knowing how much fuel it is injecting into each cylinder. Consistency is key and its all in the diaphragm and spring design. Our pressure diaphragm is molded from Flouroelastomer aka FKM. This is an extremely durable fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber that can withstand high pressure, rapid change, and any chemicals that would be in your tank including E85.

Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard UV proof anodized black finish. The end-product is a regulator that keeps your fuel pressure consistent and looks good doing it. Each regulator comes supplied with all of the fittings you’ll need to hook up a return or "return-less" (dead head) fuel system with -6AN lines. The FPR side ports for the feed are -8AN ORB and the bottom return outlet port is -6AN ORB.

Another big problem we wanted to solve was the direction the gauge can face. When you install the FPR facing the engine; it creates a difficult to read gauge. It points toward the center and you practically need a mirror to actually read it. In every FPR box we include a Female to Male 1/8 NPT 90º adapter in order to face the gauge in a readable direction. This makes monitoring fuel pressure a breeze and its just one more enthusiast driven solution from Chase Bays.

Don't forget the Chase Bays Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge!