Chase Bays Power Steering Delete - 92-95 Honda Civic | 94-01 Acura Integra



If you want to eliminate power steering on your 92-95 Civic or 94-01 Integra, this is the way to do it right. This keeps the rack properly lubricated and vented. It comes with everything you need; steering rack adapters, (2) -6AN hoses, Power Steering Reservoir, and reservoir bracket. All the Fitting Adapters are designed and manufactured by Chase Bays to be chassis specific for perfect leak free installs. Our Power Steering Reservoir has years of development on the craziest builds in the world. From Formula Drift to Unlimited Time Attack.

Many change to the manual racks but the power racks have a quicker steering ratio. Manual racks are 4 turns lock to lock, Power racks are 3 turns lock to lock. Aftermarket rack and pinions to decrease the steering ratio on manual racks are expensive and time consuming to install. There are Power Steering Delete kits that loop the racks but this is quite bad for your steering rack and can blow out the seals. We know from experience on a Time Attack Civic, two racks down the drain!

There is pressure created in power steering racks that the loop doesn't allow for, take off your lines at the rack and turn the wheel back and forth. Fluid shoots out at high speeds. That's pressure that needs to come and go as it needs. Our vented and baffled reservoir handles this with ease. Buy with confidence from Chase Bays, we rigorously test our product on track and have 10+ years of experience developing fluid transfer products.

This is a Power Steering ELIMINATOR Kit. We make a Honda specific Power Steering Kit that retains power steering. It is available here:

Don't forget to add some Chase Bays Reservoir Covers to keep your new Power Steering Reservoir and Brake Master Cylinder happy:

Fluid fill level is midway up the reservoir. You may get some small residual spillover through the cap when you first use the kit but its just settling in and getting air bubbles out. It will stop and operate as it should after some seat time. 

Application Guide:

92-95 Honda Civic w/ B, D, H, and F Series Engines

92-95 Honda Civic w/ K and J Series Engines (Must flip bracket and install onto firewall)

94-01 Honda | Acura Integra w/ B, D, H, and F Series Engines

94-01 Honda | Acura Integra w/ K and J Series Engines (Must flip bracket and install onto firewall)

96-00 Honda Civic w/ EG Subframe K and J Series Engines (Must flip bracket and install onto firewall)