Chase Bays Caliper Brake Lines - Mazda Miata MX-5 NA | NB



The Chase Bays Caliper Brake Lines are for the enthusiast who wants to increase braking response, improve pedal feel, and upgrade to a more durable setup. They're a ONE PEICE design from the clip in the wheel well directly to the caliper. The OE rubber hard lines are upgraded and replaced with -3AN stainless steel braided, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines. We use the best components in the industry and we pressure test every line we assemble. These are DOT approved! We guarantee leak free use if this product is installed correctly.

This line kit has been updated! The Caliper Brake Line Kit for 89-05 Miata will come with 6 total lines, including all 4x Caliper Lines, a short line to adapt to the factory Rear Brake Hardline, and a long line to cross over the rear of the car. This setup completely eliminates the factory passenger rear brake line block, and uses 3AN connections to a T Fitting in it's place for ease of routing and serviceability.