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Chase Bays M18 Banjo Bolt Restrictor for Nissan Power Steering Pumps



Chase Bays M18 Banjo Bolt Restrictor for Nissan Power Steering Pumps

We've been selling a Power Steering Kit for Nissan S13 / S14 with SR20DET or KA24DE for 10 years! Seems easy, but it wasn't. We've come up with so many nifty things to solve problems and create a problem free install. Our newest and final introduction is manufacturing our own replacement for the Variable Restrictor Banjo Bolt since Nissan discontinued it. The pump comes stock with this long banjo (photo 4) that Nissan attached the high pressure hose to via...another banjo. DUMB. Thats 4 connections and takes up SO MUCH SPACE. It puts the connections way closer to the exhaust manifold.

​So we made a M18 Banjo hole to -6AN adapter that take up 24.5mm of space instead of 125mm and started including them. It points toward the frame rail much further from the exhaust manifold. It included replacement crush washers so you could re-use the stock Banjo Bolt Restrictor. Then we found that a ton of you guys were missing the banjo bolt or you had a weird problematic banjo stud. SO we made the complex Banjo Bolt out of Stainless Steel. Its not included in our kit standard but if you're missing it or have the stud you can buy it.

Nissan Part Numbers: