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Chase Bays Power Steering Pump Feed -10AN Adapter - Toyota 1JZ | 2JZ & BEAMS



Chase Bays Power Steering Pump Feed -10AN Adapter - Toyota 1JZ | 2JZ & BEAMS

The Chase Bays Power Steering Adapter for 1JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GE (including VVTi) and 3S-GE BEAMS is not only the best way to convert your pump feed to -10AN; it fixes a major issue with the stock leaky unit.

This product is machined from 6061 billet aluminum, anodized with our signature UV proof satin black finish, and laser etched with our CB logo. The mounting bracket is able to utilize either of the 2 threaded holes on the JZ pump to allow for a modular install. The -10AN fitting can be clocked toward the firewall or can point downward. There are many setup options for these engines and we like to give our customers options.

Leak Free

In this comparison photo below, note our major changes in the o-ring contact patch. The o-ring is slightly thicker (when you install it will try to push itself out until you get it bolted down, this is good!) and the metal is farther from the o-ring but still has a deep enough o-ring seat to not fall off during install. The issue with the stock one is the o-ring is too small and after many heat cycles the metal and o-ring are the same outer diameter...which of course causes leaks.