Chase Bays Oil Catch Can



The Chase Bays Oil Catch Can is the culmination of hundreds of hours of testing on dozens of builds, street and track. This is one of the most important modifications you can do to your engine! It is essential for preventing harmful oil and carbon buildup in the intake system, maintaining octane levels, increasing performance with cleaner inlet air, and properly venting the crankcase pressures in the most aesthetically pleasing, modular, and easiest to install solution on the market.

We started our initial design using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to simulate input flow under operating conditions ranging from extreme vacuum to extreme boost, optimizing our design to maximize separation of contaminants and maintain flow through. Physical prototypes were then tested over thousands of miles in competitive road race and drift builds as well as on the street to validate our design in the real world, how our customers will use them. 

Our catch can is machined from 6061 aluminum, bead blasted, then Hard UV-Proof Anodized Signature Chase Bays Black. The top and bottom are threaded together and sealed with an O-Ring for a leak proof connection that is safe for the most extreme pressurized applications. All hardware is stainless steel. The 10AN ORB inlet and outlet are both on the top for a seamless look and easy routing. Seven different bracket types are offered to make mounting easy. 

Air Oil Separation

The inlet is equipped with a stainless steel mesh filter for the best possible air, oil, and water condensation separation before it even enters the tank. Once the oil has passed through the filter, we have created the highest level of Oil Separation Baffling from the Outlet back to engine while maintaining complete flow. There is no return restriction.

Oil Level and Drain
An integrated mini Chase Bays Reservoir Cap Style Dip Stick with a notch shows when the oil is ready to be drained. The Dip Stick is knurled for easier gripping. When the oil is ready to be drained, there is a -4AN ORB port on the bottom of the Can or the lower housing can be removed.

Inlet and Outlet Fittings are offered in -10AN and 5/8 Push-On Hose Barb. Each of those are offered in Straight, 90º, and 90º L Fitting styles. The L fitting is great for joining two valve cover outlets into one easily. Two outlets on an Inline-Four Valve Cover (Honda, SR20), Intake and Exhaust Side Valve Covers on Inline-Six (JZ/RB), Two Valve Covers on a V6/V8...this L Fitting will eliminate the need for Dual Catch Can setups for most setups under 450-500hp or special PCV designs, by turning a single catch can into a three- or four-port design. See installed photo for a better understanding!

In order to eliminate a huge number of options on our drop down menu above, the 5/8 Push-On Hose Adapters are sold separately. If you want to run normal hose, just select "No Fittings Needed" and purchase two of the following items:

5/8 Push-On Hose Barb STRAIGHT
5/8 Push-On Hose Barb 90º
5/8 Push-On Hose Barb L ADAPTER


The back side of the catch can has two M8x1.25 threaded holes with included Stainless Allen Head Hardware for easy mounting. It is available with five different bracket design OPTIONS making installation on any chassis a breeze, see photos below for each bracket type. One included per purchase.

Dimensions and Capacity
The Catch Can Dimensions are 5"x3" without fittings and 6.5"x3" with. The oil capacity before its air/oil separation capabilities are void is 8 fluid ounces (0.25 quart).

Future Expansion 

We're always improving and expanding our lineup! We're proud of launching the best catch can on the market, but we're not stopping there. Stay tuned as we launch: 

  • Full line of engine-specific Catch Can Kits, engine, valve cover adapters and all! 
  • Petcock drain kit: We didn’t want a cheap rubber and plastic solution, so we’re working on something nice, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to mount. 
  • Parallel Dual Catch Can Bracket: Our L-fitting is an elegant solution but we understand for extreme applications some customers will want a dual-can setup, and we’re working on it!
  • Larger “competition” lower housing with 1-quart capacity for SCCA, NASA, FD, etc. 
  • Vent filter: We highly recommend recirculated designs and run them exclusively on our builds, but we are working on solutions for unique situations where a vented setup is required.