Chase Bays Compact Upper Water Neck - Toyota 1JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GTE



A major unsolved problem for the Toyota 1JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GTE engines is the upper water neck. Especially in swaps. It's bulky, it's difficult to fabricate on, and it just doesn't make sense for most setups. Even in factory JZ chassis...the hose routes up and over to the opposite side it starts. This problem continued when we started developing this solution. The outlet on the engine, the amount of things needing to attach to it, and the internal size we needed to keep made designing a compact solution extremely challenging.

The lower bolt for the water neck goes right through the path we wanted the outlet to face. If you run a long bolt all the way through that portion you'd have to raise the neck another 1.5" which is not what we set out to do. After many designs we found a great solution. Make the lower port a small spade so the neck can slot over the button head Allen bolt and then slide in. This probably makes no watch this video to see:

Now that you understand that...let's talk about what this product is. The Chase Bays Upper Water Neck is an extremely compact solution for an ongoing unsolved problem in the JZ community. It's machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum, bead blasted smooth, then UV proof anodized in Chase Bays Signature Semi Gloss Black. The neck is quite busy with numerous outlets but we oriented them in a way to keep it clutter free looking. See the infographic below for what's what:

The Upper Water Neck is offered with 4 outlet type options:

• 1.38" inch (35mm) Normal Push On Hose (Stock JZ Size)
• 1.5" inch (38mm) Normal Push On Hose
• 16AN
• 20AN

This product works with the stock Bypass Joining Tubes on 1JZ and 2JZ (short tube to water pump housing). But we sell our own Chase Bays versions for 1JZ, 1.5JZ, and 2JZ. Just select the applicable option on our dropdown.

The 4AN ORB Port on the side is to route coolant to your turbo. We INCLUDE 2 connections for this in the box with your order:

• 4AN ORB Button Head Port Plug
• 4AN ORB to 1/4 Barb for Normal Push On Hose to Turbo Coolant Line

If you have a twin turbo setup, you just need to tee the outlet line for both turbos. Easy! If you have any questions, contact us!

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