Welcome to the 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE BMW mega info page! We made this since we needed to centralize all the good info from the original facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/881311128552068/

If you have any contribution you can post it on the sticky post of the facebook group and we will add it. A lot of this is personal experience since we've built a 1JZ VVTi E30 and 1JZ VVTi E36 but most of the info was contributed by members of the facebook group.

Disclaimer: This is all 1JZ and 2JZ BMW pertinent info. Mounts, transmissions, plumbing, electronics, etc. For engine specific things like turbo sizing and internal upgrades, there is plenty of info in other places. 

1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE Engine/Transmission Info

Table of Contents


We’ll begin at the engine and where it comes from. If you really want to know everything, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_JZ_engine but below we’ll cliff notes it for you. Simply put there are 4 basic variations of the Toyota JZ engine.

  • 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo (90-07) 280hp @ 6200rpm and 268 ft-lbs @ 4800rpm
  • 1JZ-GTE VVTi Single Turbo (96-07) 280hp @ 6200rpm and 280 lb-ft’s @ 2400rpm
  • 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo (91-05) Japanese Engines - 276 hp @ 5600 rpm and 333 ft-lbs @ 4000rpm. US and Euro Engines - 321 hp @ 5600 rpm and 333 ft-lbs @ 4000rpm
  • 2JZ-GTE VVTi Twin Turbo (97-05) 321 hp @ 5600 rpm and 333 ft-lbs @ 4000rpm

E30 - Front Sump

E36 and E46 - Rear Sump

Pros and Cons of VVTi - It's great, especially the 1JZ since its single turbo and higher torque.

ETCS-i - 

Timing Belt, Tensioner, and Idler Pulley
Water Pump
Valve Cover Gasket
Front Main Seal
Rear Main Seal
Serpentine Belt
PCV Valve
PCV Valve Grommet



Freed Engineering Mount Brackets P/N 33-E30

E36 & E46
(same mount BRACKETS used but different mount bushings. You can use stock mount bushings but of course should change to urethane/delrin/solid. Many companies sell these like RevShift, Condor, Xcessive..)

Xcessive Manufacturing Mount Brackets P/N B-E36-JZ-MMB

Freed Engineering Mount Brackets P/N 33-E36/E46



Our personal opinion is that the BMW transmission and PMC adapter is the best option. BMW transmissions are strong, light, affordable and very easy to create a shifter solution (unlike the 350Z / 370Z CD009). The CD001/009 is long, heavy, and not any stronger than a ZF 5 speed. It will put your shifter about 7" farther back than your current shifter. There is a shifter solution but its $350+.

You can use an OE BMW shifter with BMW trans, just shorten the linkage. You could also get a Bimmerworld, AKG, CAE, etc shifter. This eliminates the upper shifter arm for a more solid feel. Then you just have to shorten the lower stabilizer shifter arm.

Getrag 420G - Strongest 6 speed option from E46 M3. The 420G from the E39 540 and M5 will not work. Great for higher power cars, 900hp is usually the breaking point.

ZF 6 Speed - Any non-M 6 speed E46. Great for medium power. 550hp and below.

ZF 5 speed - E36 M3 and 328, E46 330 5 speed. Great for medium power. 550hp and below.

Getrag 5 speed - 325 and 323 E36. Only 6 cyl trans will work. Weakest trans, not recommended.


Flywheel Adapter: PMC Motorsport P/N K0M50-240-JZ

Transmission Adapter: PMC Motorsport P/N F0BMW-JZ

These all need the AT flex disc for the starter ring and proper spacing. There is a big question mark for what clutch to use with the PMC. PMC says 240mm but thats too vague since the bolt pattern of the most popular 240mm isn’t correct for how PMC sets it up. The correct clutch pressure plate to use is E46 M3 then you match you disc with the trans. So if you're running a ZF E36 M3/328is trans, you will use an E46 M3 plate and E36 M3 Disc. PMC offers a Tilton Twin Disk with their Flywheel and Transmission Adapter, great and highly recommended for drifting:

PMC Motorsport P/N RS2-JZ-M50-184S

We have worked with Spec to provide an off the shelf clutch, too.

Spec Stage 1 Part # - SB661S-862 [430 ft lbs tq]
Spec Stage 2 Part # - SB662S-862 [485 ft lbs tq]
Spec Stage 3 Part # - SB663S-862 [580 ft lbs tq]
Spec Stage 4 Part # - SB664-862 [671 ft lbs tq]
Spec Stage 5 Part # - SB665S-862 [820 ft lbs tq]

Or you can piece something together using this pressure plate and any other matched-to-trans disc: Sachs P/N 883082001243, ECS P/N ES#3035936

Grannas Racing makes a JZ to Tremec T56 if that interest you. T56’s are 2k+ now so it’s hardly a good option.

4) BMW Transmission Driveshaft, Trans Mount, Shifter, & Shift linkage information

When you add the adapter it adds length rearward at the trans. And when the motor is installed it will be as close to the firewall as possible. Because of this the stock driveshaft and trans mount won’t really work. Luckily there are easy fixes.

Driveshaft adapter - The 3 bolt driveshaft output flange on BMW needs to be adapted to a universal 4 bolt flange to make a one piece driveshaft. This eliminates the rubber guibo which is always a good thing. Adapters are available from sources such as DriveshaftShop. 

Driveshaft - There is a great company out of Florida that can make the new driveshaft. You’ll have to call them to order but it’s only $350 shipped. Your local driveshaft supplier can likely handle it too. These guys just know the application and there's a modular spline to allow for 2" inches in either direction. Sorry you have to call them. God forbid...

Pro Shaft LLC - (954) 306-2314

• E30 Length with Freed Mounts -
• E36 Length with Xcessive Mounts - 55.125” inch
• E46 Length with Xcessive Mounts -

Trans Mount - The stock mount can be modified but Xcessive makes a great steel option that’s already slotted for going rearward. The stock E36/E46 trans mount is aluminum and in time (especially with stiff mounts) it will likely crack.

Xcessive Manufacturing P/N B-E36-JZ-TCM

Shifter - It’s highly recommended to get a chassis mount shifter. This means it eliminates the upper rod and only leaves the lower selector rod. Otherwise you’ll have to shorten two shift rods instead of one. It will give the shifter a super solid feel too. PMC makes a great one that's affordable and you might as well get it while you get the transmission adapter and flywheel. This item is super nice and sandwiches the chassis metal. There is a lower plate that comes from the bottom of the car, and the shifter on the top. Then you run the bolts through. Completely weatherproof design.
E30/E34/E46 - SSE30-II-G-BS
E36/Z3 - SSE36-I-G-BPS-K 

Selector Rod Length - You can reuse the stock one & shorten it or get a UUC brand which will help eliminate more shifter shimmy. Lengths (as in total length):
E30 - 
E36 - 4.88” inch
E46 -

Other transmission options

V160/V161 Mk4 supra 6 speed. Slightly stronger than the Getrag 420G and rebuildable. Extremely expensive. Not as adaptable into other chassis. Huge.

R154. MK3 Supra 5 speed. It compares with the ZF 5 speed BMW trans with strength. Rebuildable as well, some options like the Marlin Crawler kit. Directly fits into the e36 shifter hole with MK3 Supra shifter assembly.

W58. Mk4 Supra 5 speed. It’s compares with the Getrag 5 speed bmw trans. They are not very strong and not recommended.

CD009. 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z 6 speed trans. It is a fairly strong trans, fairly cheap as well. Major downside is the overall size. It is a long transmission and its SUPER heavy. Twice the weight of the BMW ZF.

Tremec T56/TR6060. Strong, rebuildable 6 speed transmission.

5) Wiring / Electronics
The best option is to pay someone to convert or make the harness for you. These two are the best in the game (coming from someone who's been in the industry for 13 years)

Panic Wire

Wiring Specialties

There are two categories for ECU here. Stock turbo/boost levels, then increased boost levels/aftermarket turbo. This could get deep fast so we'll keep it light.

The stock JDM ECU for 1JZ and 2JZ non-VVTi can work great if its wired correctly. Thousands of people around the world use stock ECU with manual booster controller and Apexi AFC Neo/SAFC to change air/fuel maps and make up to 500hp reliably for years. For 90% of us thats plenty of power and we're happy. If you're beyond or need more sensors or options then maybe a stand alone is a consideration.

The stock ECU for 1JZ and 2JZ works great if you have stock turbo(s) and stock boost levels. If you want to alter either of those then you need to go stand alone and ditch the MAF.

6) Differential options

Most diff cases vary from 3 series to 5 series to 7 series. Internally large, medium and small case diffs are typically the same. Meaning, the actually LSD or open carrier is the same between all large/medium/small case diffs. If your chassis came with a medium case diff (or you can change to one) you’re fine for up to 700hp.

Thayer Motorsports offers many options when it comes to rebuilding your diff. You can upgrade your lsd unit to suit your needs. These guys are essentially the go to guys for diff parts in the US.

Large case 210mm. Large case diffs can be found in a variety of cars, E46 M3, E34 M5, E32 740 and so on. This diff is essentially bullet proof when built. (E36 large case info) you can install a large case diff only from an E34 M5, E32 740 or a Euro OBD2 M3 Evo(need subframe from M3 Evo to install) for the E34 M5 and E32 740 diff, you will need to install using the Rallyroad kit. Includes bracket that needs to be welded on and billet rear bracket.

Gearing options: 2.93, 3.15, 3.45, 3.62, 3.64, 3.91

Medium case 188mm. This diff is one of the most common, typically found in most E36’s. It can handle upwards of 700hp when built correctly. The 188mm diff offers the most gearing options.

Gearing options: 2.93, 3.23, 3.91

Plumbing Info

• Fuel Pump •
E36 and E46 have weird fuel pump housings and require a special fuel pump upgrade. Furthermore they have half-tank starvation issues since the return fuel gets stuck in the driver side of the tank instead of the distributing to the passenger side, where the fuel pump is. Rally Road has us covered with options for single and dual 340lph fuel pump kits and return tee/siphon kits to fix starvation issues. 


• Fuel Lines•
Chase Bays will be releasing Tank to Rail AN Fuel Line Kits for E30 / E36 / E46 so stay tuned! 

• Clutch •
E30 with BMW Transmission (Extended for Trans Conversion)

E30 with Toyota Transmission

E36 with BMW Transmission (Extended for Trans Conversion)

E36 with Toyota Transmission

E46 with BMW Transmission (Extended for Trans Conversion)

E46 with Toyota Transmission

• Power Steering •
E30 High Pressure Power Steering Swap Hose 

E30 Full Power Steering Kit with Reservoir and Mounting Shim

E36 & E46 High Pressure Power Steering Swap Hose

E36 & E46 Full Power Steering Kit with Reservoir and Mounting Shim

• Brakes •
(E30 requires that you ditch the stock booster since the intake manifold hits)

Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete with Bolt-In 6:1 Pedal Ratio (great pedal feel and suitable for E30, E36 and E46) 

E30 Brake Booster Eliminator (aka BBE great pedal feel don’t worry)

E30 Brake Line Relocation / ABS Delete / Adjustable Bias Valve Kit for BBE

E30 Clutch Feed Adapter (needed to share the brake with clutch reservoir)

E36 Brake Booster Eliminator (aka BBE great pedal feel don’t worry)

E36 Brake Line Relocation / ABS Delete / Adjustable Bias Valve Kit for BBE

E36 Clutch Feed Adapter 
(needed to share the brake with clutch reservoir)

E36 Stock Master Cylinder Brake Line Relocation / ABS Delete / Adjustable Bias Valve Kit

E46 Brake Booster Eliminator (aka BBE great pedal feel don’t worry)

E46 Brake Line Relocation / ABS Delete / Adjustable Bias Valve Kit for BBE

E46 Clutch Feed Adapter 
(needed to share the brake with clutch reservoir)

E46 Stock Master Cylinder Brake Line Relocation / ABS Delete / Adjustable Bias Valve Kit

• Radiator & Hoses •

The stock upper water neck is extremely bulky and exits on the wrong side for BMW setups. In most situations it hits the radiator and makes hose routing difficult. Luckily this product was made and is extremely needed for this swap:

Compact Billet Upper Water Neck

E30, E36, E46 Tucked Radiator A+ for the opened up space & tested on Chase Bays Drift E36

Click here for our universal hoses, couplers, and gates clamps to build great hoses

8) Throttle Cable

E30, E36, E46 (if converting to throttle cable) LHD can use the E36 318is cable and it works perfectly. Just use a slotted washer to bridge the gap (see photo). The cable looks better when the 45º bend points down so you should probably do that too.