As of Feb 2024 we have career openings at Chase Bays! We are now located in a 30,000 sq ft building in Birmingham, AL. Please read below and submit your info and resume using the form(s) on this page.

Industrial Designer

Design the technical marketing material, design the packaging and the products that go in it, and the overall customer experience.

Lead Engineer

Work direct with Chase to design & engineer Chase Bays products, make sure they're strong, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Engineering Project Manager

Designing, Engineering, and releasing new products is massive undertaking. The project can go sideways fast. We need help keeping things on target, making sure we hit our marks, and everyone delivers on time.


Take part in building the insane cars we build here!

Technical Sales - Phone and Email Support

Can work remote. In charge of answering incoming phone calls to either submit their order or answer their tech questions. Requirements:

• Understanding of Chase Bays products and what purpose they serve
• Charismatic, Easy to talk to
• Ability to deal with a confrontational situation