As of May 1st 2018 we have two job openings at Chase Bays! Please read the criteria below and submit your info and resume using the form(s) below.

Technical Sales Director

As technical sales director at Chase Bays, you will be in charge of customer contact and tech support. You will answer phones, emails, facebook messages, instagram DM's, and Live Chat inquiries. Requirements:

• Professional
• Well spoken
• Good grammar and spelling
• Technical knowledge of Chase Bays products/cars
• A knack for good customer service (we love helping our customers)

We find the best fit for this job is someone who wrenches on their own cars but has a business or "office" based work background. 

Hose Assembly Technician

As hose assembly technician, you will build the hoses in the A.N. hose kits we sell. Requirements:

• Professional
• Good at building things
• Attention to details (one number in a long part number makes all the difference!)