Drift Indy X Chase Bays

The purpose of this page is to give a rundown of the products you may want/need to run from Chase Bays while participating in Drift Indy Events. We'll keep it as brief as we can. Then at the end we will discuss our sponsorship program.

We all know how much abuse a drift car sees and we all know you can’t run low quality products. We see time and time again that part becomes the bottleneck and knocks out good drivers too soon or simply just hinders their driving. Chase Bays products have been in Formula Drift and hundreds of other motorsport comp chassis for over 10 years. We tested and revised them on these highly used machines. They’re designed by drivers, for drivers.

After reading below, email Marketing@ChaseBays.com to get started! 

Chase Bays Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete with Bolt-On 6:1 Pedal Ratio

Now that we make this FD approved Isolated Dual Circuit setup...an under dash pedal box is TONS of unnecessary fabrication on a drift build. Also PROSPEC has banned the use of pedal boxes. Manual brakes and their consistent pedal feel are extremely useful for ALL motorsports especially drifting and this is the perfect setup for that. We make Brake Line Kits with Adjustable Bias Valve for the following RWD chassis. If your chassis isn't on this list just inquire in your email about it. We can likely set you something up with a few dimensions:

  • BMW E30
  • BMW E36
  • BMW E46
  • Chevrolet Corvette C5 & C6
  • Ford Mustang S197 & S550
  • Honda S2000
  • Lexus IS300
  • Lexus SC300
  • Mazda Miata NA & NB
  • Mazda RX-7 FC & FD
  • Nissan S13, S14, & S15
  • Nissan 300ZX Z32
  • Nissan 350Z & G35
  • Nissan Skyline R32
  • Toyota JZX90 & JZX100
  • Toyota Supra JZA80
  • Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Chase Bays Caliper Lines - Extended Fronts for Angle

All four corners Caliper Lines, the fronts are extended accordingly for big angle.

Chase Bays 3/4 Bore Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter

Since you are likely not running a pedal box, this is a perfect seamless way to upgrade your master cylinder while matching the Chase Bays Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete. This can include the Chase Bays Billet Reservoir.

Chase Bays Hydraulic Handbrake

We make the most compact, comfortable, and easy to mount Hydro Handbrake on the market. As all of you know by know, many handbrakes hurt your hands even with driving gloves. Our grip is silicone and MADE for comfort. We make chassis specific Pull-Up and Pull-Towards orientation mounting brackets for a few chassis to save you any fab time too. Also we're doing limited runs of chrome, gold, and rose gold plated versions for next year.

  • BMW E30
  • BMW E36
  • BMW E46
  • Ford Mustang S550
  • Nissan S13, S14, & S15
  • Nissan 350Z & G35

Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake Brake Lines

From your Hydro to your Dual Calipers. Chase Bays Hydro or one of our competitors, it works for both. We use 3AN Bulkheads to pass through the cabin so you're not creating another place for smoke to get through.

Chase Bays Power Steering Kit or Triple Baffled Reservoir

While we do likely make a complete Hose and Adapter Kit from Reservoir, to Pump, to Rack, to Cooler for your engine and chassis...we understand there are some custom setups and electric pumps being used. If you need more info just ask! We use ALL Brown & Miller / BMRS Hose and Hose Ends. So along with our chassis specific rack/pump adapters and Triple Baffled Power Steering Reservoir, you're getting the absolute best.

Chase Bays Coolant Overflow

FD & FIA approved sizing of ONE quart and 1/8 NPT inlet connection for modularity.

Chase Bays Oil Catch Can

The Chase Bays Oil Catch Can is an extremely developed product. Through our Power Steering Reservoir we really learned how to isolate and baffle fluid and air, we applied all of those lessons to the Catch Can and it sure has been useful. When you look at the design you see how difficult it would be for spent oil to make it back into your engine. We also have made numerous fittings that make the install easier. We have engine specific brackets and hoses for:

  • 1JZ | 2JZ
  • GM LS with Holley Valve Covers (or others if you can weld two 6AN weld-ons) 

Chase Bays Oil Sandwich Plate and Oil Cooler

The Chase Bays Oil Cooler was developed through frustration of using others. They were not built with proper internal design and burst when there was a rapid pressure increase...which is quite common in drifting. We make complete Engine-Chassis specific kits with Sandwich Plate, 10AN BMRS Hoses, Cooler Brackets, and Cooler for these setups:

  • Honda K Series
  • GM LS
  • Nissan SR / KA ... RB ... VQ ... VR
  • Toyota 1JZ / 2JZ
  • Mazda 13B / 20B

Going into:

  • BMW E30
  • BMW E36
  • BMW E46
  • Honda S2000
  • Lexus IS300
  • Mazda Miata NA & NB
  • Mazda RX-7 FC & FD
  • Nissan S13, S14, & S15
  • Nissan 350Z & G35
  • Nissan Skyline R32
  • Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Chase Bays Dogbox Clutch Line - This has no link since there are many varying setups...but we will set you up directly using your specs when you email us.

Chase Bays Raised Inline Filler Neck

This has been a very useful universal product to many drift/race/rally cars. Whether its made as a high fill point or directly on upper water neck or radiator, it's modularity is something you'll find very useful.

Chase Bays Radiator Cap

Pretty much every aftermarket cap has an 18psi spring, ours is 20psi. This 2psi makes a world of difference for keeping distilled water in your cooling system for longer.

Chase Bays Upper Water Neck for 1JZ | 2JZ

A major unsolved problem for the Toyota 1JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GTE engines is the upper water neck. Especially in swaps or race/drift chassis. It's bulky, it's difficult to fabricate on, and it just doesn't make sense for most setups. This Chase Bays Upper Water Neck allows for 1.38" / 1.5" Push On Hose or -16AN / -20AN Adapters to be threaded directly on. No welding and extremely compact.

Chase Bays Firesleeve

No build is safely complete without Firesleeve. We make it in the following sizes:

  • 3AN / 4AN
  • 6AN
  • 10AN
  • 12AN or two 6AN

This covers our rundown of potentially useful products for drifting. Many other items can be used but we don't want this info page too terrible long!


We know how much you invest into your car and driving and we want to help you get our high quality parts to keep your car looking and functioning as best it can. Our Driver Program for Drift Indy drivers is a 25% off anytime sitewide discount. We also extend constant product/tech support throughout the season! We really want to build a longterm working relationship with you as you grow as a driver and representative of Chase Bays. It's the simple concept of conveying, "I love these products and here's why you should run them..."

Our criteria is broken down into 3 main very easy driver deliverables

  • Our Logo placement within car livery and driver merchandise!
  • Photos & Videos of our products installed as well as occasional content specifically of our products being used throughout the season.
  • 1 IG & FB post or Youtube Video specific to each Chase Bays product received.

1) Our logo is a bit square so it can be difficult to place in a roll call scenario. Our signature spot for sticker is at an angle on the passenger corner of the windshield.

Ultimately It's your car and your livery so as long as there's two stickers and they're at least 8” wide...we're good. We also would like our logo on any Team Merch and Driver Suits if applicable!

2) Our following loves install pictures! It helps them see how products are used. So we require you to submit photos & videos of all of our products once installed on to your car as well as the occasional content from events (Engine Bay Pics, Interior Shots, etc)

You can also forego the initial install pictures with a video or video segment 2 minutes or more on YouTube with Chase Bays name and product titled mentioned clearly during the segment. Website link to products for FB. We still require the occasional event content of our products throughout the year so we can share you and your program!

3) The most important part of driver deliverables is an Instagram & Facebook post talking about each product installed on your car. Imagine we send you our Hydro with Line Kit, Dual Piston Booster Delete with Line Kit, and a Power Steering Kit with Cooler. You would need to make a total of 3 IG & FB posts talking about the install and why people should run each specific product, in your own words of course!

We also strongly encourage you to leave a review of each product on our website as that really helps our SEO

We appreciate you wanting to work with us! We'll keep innovating and making high functioning products and you just keep proving that they work!

Email Marketing@ChaseBays.com to get started! Let us know what all products you need and we'll get you set up!