Chase Bays 2 Way Brake Proportioning Valve



Chase Bays 2 Way Brake Proportioning Valve

The Chase Bays Adjustable Proportioning Valve is simply designed to adjust the front to rear brake bias. In most cases you want the front brakes to have more pressure than the rear for a good balance. This product is included within our very popular Brake Line Relocation Kits (with various different fittings attached). Most copycat companies of our Brake Line Relocation use the factory proportioning valve which gives substantially worse pedal feel.

It is constructed of 6061 aluminum with a delrin adjustment knob. It is anodized black with the Chase Bays logo laser etched on both sides. It has 1/8 NPT threads and includes (2) black 1/8NPT to -3AN straight adapters. We now include a Chase Bays Mounting Bracket for easier install. 

Dialing In the Proportioning Valve

• With the knob threaded all the way in/down, it gives 90% of the total braking pressure to rear. (10% reduction)
• With the knob threaded all the way out/up, it gives 40% of the total braking pressure to rear. (60% reduction)

These adjustments allows you to fine tune the front to rear braking balance by proportionately decreasing the rear (or in some cases the front) brake line pressure. If the range of adjustment in the valve is not sufficient to properly balance the vehicle’s bias, changes to other components within the system may be necessary. This product in most cases requires custom brake lines.

There isn't a specific setting per car, different front and rear weights for each setup change everything in terms of braking balance. We recommend starting with the knob turned all the way out/up which gives the least amount of pressure to the rear. Then turn the knob all the way in/down. This will give you both extremes and will give better insight into which direction you need to go.