Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation for BMW E36 with Single Piston Brake Booster Delete



The Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation for Chase Bays SINGLE PISTON Brake Booster Delete is designed for enthusiasts who want to adapt their Single Piston Brake Booster Delete to their chassis, eliminate engine bay clutter with improved line routing, delete ABS (if applicable), and improve braking performance.

This is the Brake Line Relocation Kit for our SINGLE PISTON Brake Booster Delete. For the DUAL PISTON Brake Line Relocation Kit, CLICK HERE.

The SINGLE PISTON Brake Booster Delete is not included in this purchase, for the SINGLE PISTON Brake Booster Delete Kit, CLICK HERE.

Don't forget to add the Clutch Feed Adapter for Fluid Feed, CLICK HERE.

The OEM brake hard lines are relocated and replaced and with -3AN stainless steel braided, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines. We have designed the lines to route in the best path possible. Low on the firewall, behind steering column, under frame rail…however we find is the best look while remaining easy to install. Plus, of course, a safe distance from high heat and/or moving objects. We include Chase Bays Firesleeve on the lines that are near those places of heat for a motorsport ready installation. But ALWAYS install and secure lines to keep them 4” or more inches away from manifolds and downpipes.

Chase Bays uses only the best components. ALL Hose and Hose Ends are BMRS aka Brown and Miller Racing. This is the best Hose/Hose Ends in the world, the same components seen on NASCAR and Indy Car. All the Fitting Adapters are designed and manufactured by Chase Bays to be chassis specific for perfect leak free installs. We pressure test every line we assemble and guarantee a leak free installation if this product is installed correctly.

The Brake Line Relocation replaces all of the engine bay hard lines up to the lines in the wheel well that connect to caliper and to the OEM rear hard line(s). It does not include the caliper lines. Those are available separately by CLICKING HERE.

The clevis will install just like stock would onto the pedal. You use our supplied Clevis with the factory E36 Clevis pin that has the brake switch push and spring mount on it. We designed a clevis with mimicked dimensions of the factory clevis to make a completely seamless install. 
E36 Brake Clevis Fork

The front to rear line is adapted in two different ways depending on the year of E36... 
For 92-94 & 95 M3: The factory ABS system is eliminated and there is one hard line that runs to the rear of the chassis (which tees off at the back). To adapt the rear line to AN, we crimp the female metric fitting directly onto the line that threads onto the stock OE tube nut. Which will then run to the Bias Valve OUT section.

For 95-99: The factory ABS system is eliminated and there are 2 hard lines that run to the rear of the chassis. To adapt the rear lines to AN, we supply our "F Fitting" will thread into the 2 stock tube nut and sleeve adapters to make 2 lines into 1, which will then run to the Bias Valve OUT section.

OEMC - Original Equipment (or Stock) Master Cylinder 
BBE - Brake Booster Eliminator
PTFE - Polyetratluoroethylene aka Teflon
Proportioning Valve & Bias Valve - The component that alters the difference in front and rear pressure. In most cases, the front needs more. Almost all of our Brake Line Relocations include an Adjustable Bias Valve.
ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System. Sometimes needed, sometimes not. How you determine this is up to you but if you have any questions we can provide insight.