Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation & ABS Delete - Toyota 86 | GR86 | FR-S | BRZ w/ OEMC



Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation & ABS Delete - Toyota 86 | GR86 | FR-S | BRZ w/ OEMC

The Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation & ABS Delete for the ZN6 chassis with OE Master Cylinder (OEMC) is designed for enthusiasts who want to add an Adjustable Motorsport Proportioning Valve, eliminate ABS, simplify their brake lines, and improve engine bay aesthetics with more heat-soak resistant routing.

The OEM brake hard lines are relocated and replaced and with 3AN stainless steel braided, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines with stainless steel hose ends. We use the best components in the industry and we pressure test every line we assemble. We guarantee a leak free start up if this product is installed correctly.

This kit routes the lines lower on the firewall, safe from heat and moving objects, while remaining easy to install. We've designed our proprietary "L Banjo" to immediately convert the front outlet on the master cylinder to two lines for front right and front left. This design saves an entire line and T fitting to split it off. After integrating our Adjustable Motorsport Bias Valve from the rear port on the master cylinder, the rear line runs down the firewall to connect to our proprietary "F Fitting" design which converts the two rear hardlines into one in a very simple and clean manner.

YOU MUST keep the ABS Block plugged it for the CAN system to work and get speedo on the dash, you can relocate like we did on our Drift BRZ so its out of the engine bay, it just has to stay plugged in.