Chase Bays Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter - Nissan Skyline R33 | R34 RWD



This product is designed for those who need or want to upgrade to a Tilton 0.625" (5/8) or 0.75" (3/4 Larger Bore) Clutch Master Cylinder on their R33 or R34 Skyline without cutting or drilling their firewall. Some transmission swaps require a larger bore clutch master cylinder and since there isn't a larger Nissan one you can swap in this is the best method. Additionally, this product is better aesthetically and matches our Single and Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete if you have it.

You can get it with either its own reservoir or a clutch feed adapter hose to share fluid with the brake reservoir or use with our Clutch Reservoir Mount Kit for Dual Piston.

This does not fit with a stock clutch line but the Chase Bays Clutch Line has a Banjo connection which works perfectly with this product. Just use the Banjo Bolt that's included when you add the Master Cylinder to this order since the thread pitch on the stock clutch MC and the Tilton / Wilwood MC is different.

The plate is made of 4mm steel and has the master cylinder mounting studs pressed and welded in. The Skyline clutch pedal has studs on it that go thru the firewall, the open holes on the plate are what attach to those studs in the engine bay. Make sure you tighten the plate to the master cylinder before installing it onto the car, the bolts are tough to get to otherwise!

Nissan, Toyota, BMW Transmission, select the 0.625" (5/8 bore)
GM LS T56 / TR6060 or Dogbox, select the 0.75" (3/4 Bore)