SCRATCH/DENT Chase Bays Coolant Overflow

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This product is sold out

This product is sold as is. Contains scratches and/or dents.

Although this product has slight imperfections it is still 100% in working order.

Please note that the pictures of this product shown are examples. Not one product has the same imperfections. 

Product includes:

• Coolant Overflow Reservoir - Scratched or Dented 

• Barb Fittings

• Billet Reservoir Cap

• Allen Hardware

*** Bracket Sold Separately ***

The Chase Bays Aluminum Coolant Overflow Reservoir holds a unique set of innovative features. A common side effect of spirited driving is most coolant overflows quickly fill up and spew coolant out of the cap under heavy use, leaving you with an engine bay to clean. The reason this happens is the rapid spike in coolant temperature pushes through the radiator cap. To solve this problem, we’ve created a way to directly control this chaos. The bottom of the overflow has ¼ hose barb inlet and outlet fittings. Inside the overflow the outlet tube extends up 1" from the fill cap.

This expels any fluid through the outlet fitting and to your desired location (to ground or secondary Chase Bays Coolant Overflow). For more info, please view our video below. Our Coolant Overflow has a very sleek (8”x3”) and aesthetically pleasing design. It is constructed of all 6061 aluminum with a black anodized coating. This is sure to accent any engine bay regardless of your color scheme or engine setup.

YES this is Formula Drift, NASA, and FIA approved. 

Available with five different bracket design options making installation on any chassis a breeze, see photos below for each bracket type.