Chase Bays Front to Rear AN Fuel Line Kit - Toyota AE86 Corolla with Beams 3S-GE



Chase Bays Front to Rear AN Fuel Line Kit - Toyota AE86 Corolla with Beams 3S-GE

The ongoing unsolved issue with the AE86 chassis is fuel delivery. On SR5 chassis there are a lot of things working against you. The fuel feed and return coming from the tank to the engine bay are both 3/16" (4.76mm) when they need to be at least 5/16" (7.93mm). Plus the SR5 has an external inline fuel pump that is far from sufficient and upgrading it would require new pump, wiring, and fuel lines everywhere either way. If you have a GTS you've got the good tank and proper sized lines...but they're likely rusting out where the hard line is and dry rotting where any rubber is. This is where we come in. 

First things first, thanks to Rock Auto and Amazon, changing to a GTS Tank and Fuel Pump Bracket is well under $250 USD! So if you have an SR5, upgrade to the GTS Fuel Tank and Fuel Pump Bracket with the links below then buy any fuel pump to suite. 

Hatchback GTS Tank [Part # 77001-28270]

Coupe GTS Tank [Part # 77001-19525]

GTS Fuel Pump Bracket [Part # 23206-16170]

The Chase Bays Front to Rear A.N. Fuel Line upgrade and replacement for AE86 is a one size fits all solution for both SR5 and GTS chassis. The lines completely replace the original rubber and hardline from the tank to the fuel rail with the option to add an external fuel pressure regulator (for BEAMS it is required). It is all -6AN (3/8" inner diameter) stainless steel reinforced E85 safe rubber with high heat non-abrasive nylon sheathing braid. The hose ends and adapters are black aluminum anodized.

We use the best components we can, if there is a better quality component...we're going to use it. Chase Bays designs everything to be clutter free, stealthy/minimalist/tucked, and to last longer than what came on the car from the factory.