Chase Bays Front to Rear Brake Lines & Rear Hard Line Delete - Toyota AE86 Corolla



The Chase Bays Front to Rear Brake Hard Lines & Rear Hard Line Delete is for the enthusiast who wants to replace old rusty/broken lines, simplify their setup, or easily change to GTS rear brakes on SR5. The OEM brake hard lines are replaced and relocated with -3AN stainless steel, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines. This kit goes from the engine bay connection all the way to the rear calipers. It does completely eliminate the rear axle Soft Line > Hard Line > Soft Line portion on rear of AE86 that we've all come to hate. This is the portion that connects directly to the rear calipers. So by switching to this you're cutting down on a lot of clutter and securing the future for your precious rear Brake Lines!

YES, this goes from the Tee fitting you see below, directly to the caliper. So if you're buying our Fenderwell/Caliper Lines make sure you buy just the "Fronts Only" option.

This view is where our -3AN Tee replaces factory tee on the axle. We replace the rusty factory tee with -3AN since its aluminum and will last for the life of your car.

The brake line runs from the rear to the front along the same path as stock. We retain the metric connection on this end so you can connect to the factory rear line in the engine bay or to our Brake Line Relocation.