Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake Brake Line Kit - BMW E36



The Chase Bays Hydro Hand Brake Line Kit is designed for those who want to easily plumb a hydraulic hand brake into their BMW E36 chassis. We offer this kit with 2 variations.

Stand Alone Type - This is to be paired with dual rear caliper setup or stand alone rear braking system. It goes directly from the Handbrake Master Cylinder to the secondary calipers on the rear knuckles. We use bulkhead fittings to pass thru the chassis metal so either smoke or weather doesn't have another path to get into the cabin.

Inline / Pass Thru Type - This is to be plumbed between the existing rear brake line to lock up the existing rear calipers on each side. Essentially creates a detour for the fluid. It starts at the factory master cylinder OR if you have the Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation for Brake Booster Eliminator; it starts at the Bias Valve OUT side. Then in either scenario it goes to the Handbrake IN side. It will then run from the Handbrake OUT section to the back of the car directly to the calipers. We use bulkhead fittings to pass thru the chassis metal so either smoke or weather doesn't have another path to get into the cabin.

This does eliminate the entire hardline that runs under the chassis and the lines that currently connect to your calipers. If you ever change from inline to standalone setup, you will just connect the rear brake line(s) in the engine bay and at calipers like you had before, and then use this existing kit to connect to your new calipers. How great right?!

The kit uses -3AN stainless steel braided, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines. We use the best components in the industry and we pressure test every line we assemble. We guarantee a leak free start up if this product is installed correctly.

What does "BBE" and "OEMC" mean?

BBE means Brake Booster Eliminator and OEMC means OE Master Cylinder (stock).

Be sure to check the Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake. Click here to read more!

Chassis Fitment Notes - BMW E36's are differ between year ranges of 1992-1994 and 1995-1999 for Inline Hydro Handbrake Line Kits. The early models are equipped with a single brake hardline from the M10x1.0 ABS port to the rear of the car, and the later models are equipped with 2x rear hardlines from the M12x1.0 and M10x1.0 ABS ports. The only exception is for early 1995 M3's and Compact (TI) models using single rear hardlines. These are the ports you will connect to for an Inline / Single Rear Caliper Handbrake Brake Line Kit. If you are unsure, trace the rear brake lines underneath the car to see if they are single or dual - that is the most obvious way to tell. 

Bulkhead Locations - The E36 and E46 drilling locations for the bulkheads on Inline and Standalone Hydro Handbrake Brake Line Kits is at least 24" apart, and 1-2" back from the start of the flat portion behind the rear seats. See the third product picture for an example of the bulkhead locations. Always measure twice or more before drilling holes in your car to ensure ALL lines reach their respective locations. The fuel filler neck is located in this area - you will have a bad day if you drill through this. 

As of May 2022, we have adjusted the lengths of the caliper lines in each kit to accommodate for the distances to the caliper for either a Dual Rear Caliper or Single Rear Caliper. Dual Caliper Line Kits are shorter than Single, as they do not need to travel under the suspension/along the RTA to reach the caliper ports. Dual Rear Caliper routing is shown in the product pictures.