Chase Bays High Pressure Power Steering Hose - Nissan Skyline R32 / R33



The Chase Bays High Pressure Power Steering Hose is designed to eliminate the common OEM pressure hose leaks with improved aesthetics, higher durability, and stealthy design. It is a full 100% upgraded A.N. Hose and Fitting replacement of the stock hose

ALL Hose and Hose Ends are BMRS aka Brown and Miller Racing. This is the best Hose/Hose Ends in the world, the same components seen on NASCAR and Indy Car. All the Fitting Adapters are designed and manufactured by Chase Bays to be chassis specific for perfect leak free installs.

Hoses and Adapters
The high-pressure rack to pump hose is -6AN stainless steel, Teflon PTFE lined, and black Hytrel coated. This coating is crucial, it makes the hose resistant to chaffing if it routes against metal or a fellow hose. It is completed with high end black billet aluminum fittings with proper O-Ring or Crush seals and Metric to AN adapters for the rack and pump conversion to AN.
Every hose is individually pressure tested to 3,500 psi before it leaves our building, your high pressure power steering hose will not see above 2,000 psi.
RHD and LHD options for:
RB20DET, RB25DET, RB26DETT (with non-Hicas pump installed)
Variant Differences
Sub-model variants between AWD and RWD differ based on their connection seals at the rack. RWD Skylines, such as the GTS-T and others, use crush washers on machined surfaced. AWD Skylines, such as the GTR and GTS4, use bumpsteer o-rings in the internally flares ports. 

Chase Bays makes a full 100% upgraded AN fitting replacement of the OEM reservoir and hoses. Click here for more info.