Chase Bays Oil Catch Can Kit for GM LS2 / LS3 / LS7



Chase Bays Oil Catch Can Kit for GM LS2 / LS3 / LS7

For Oil Catch Can Specific Info and why your engine needs one, Click HERE

The Chase Bays Oil Catch Can Kit for Chevrolet / GM LS2, LS3, and LS7 was designed to be a COMPLETE PCV Oil Catch Can Kit with 100% AN Hose and Hose Ends, Mounting Bracket, and 6AN Valve Cover-Oil Valley-Intake Manifold Adapters. This is not just an Oil Valley Kit. This is Bank 1 Valve Cover, Bank 2 Valve Cover, and Oil Valley to Catch Can. Then it properly recirculates the clean air using the intake manifold inlet. Yes the valve covers see pressure too, even with the push rod engine.

ALL Hose and Hose Ends are BMRS aka Brown and Miller Racing. This is the best Hose/Hose Ends in the world, the same components seen on NASCAR and Indy Car. All the Fitting Adapters are designed and manufactured by Chase Bays to be chassis specific for perfect leak free installs.

Due to the stock valve covers not having proper outlets for a great catch can installation, you must change to Holley Valve Covers. They are great affordable valve covers with improved baffling and give you the option to delete the coil pack bracket for a cleaner look. ANY of these 3 types will work (shop around for best pricing & availability):

Holley Performance GM LS Valve Covers - Standard Height (what we use)
Holley Performance GM LS Valve Covers - Tall Height
Holley Performance GM LS Valve Covers - GM Licensed

The catch can mounts to the front of Bank 2 cylinder head which is free on most engines, but please double check you've got the room for it or another aftermarket part isn't using it (IE: pulley/tensioner). As you probably know there are dozens of variations of the LS engine that can conflict. It is your responsibly to use our photos and our install guide to reference your own setup.

The reason this doesn't fit LS1 or LS6 is due to the connection at the Oil Valley and Intake Manifold. Our hose is all PTFE for substantially more fluid resistance over normal rubber. PTFE cannot be clamped. LS2, LS3, and LS7 with AFM (active fuel management) have a modern EFI bump tube on the Oil Valley and IM we can hook onto with dual O-Ring inside. LS1 and LS6 do not, they're just flat tube with no bead roll or bump tube. We haven't looked into parts swap for Oil Valley or Intake Manifold between the two but it may be possible. Bump tube on LS3 shown below for your reference: