Chase Bays Oil Cooler Block Adapter Kit - Toyota 1JZ | 2JZ



Chase Bays Oil Cooler Block Adapter Kit - Toyota 1JZ | 2JZ

The Chase Bays Oil Cooler Delete Block Adapter was designed to remove the weak coolant assisted OE 1JZ | 2JZ oil cooler and replace it with a powerful external oil cooler. The kit includes:

• Chase Bays Extended 3/4-16 Stud WITH seat for proper tightening
• Chase Bays 180º F Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate (click here for more info)
• Chase Bays 10AN Male Adapters to connect to 10AN Hoses

The Chase Bays designed extended stud solves a big problem with other block adapters out there. Others just sell a universal hollow 3/4-16 threaded rod cut to length. Ours is designed and machined specifically for the 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, and 2JZ-GE application.

A stud like this doesn't function like head studs, for example. With head studs you stage torque those down to high values. With something that functions as hand tight...more thought has to go into it. There have been numerous cases of these studs backing out to cause catastrophic engine failure. In our design process we add a "seat" for the stud. This allows it to be tightened completely and secured against itself and the block. We chose 6061 aluminum over steel since its strong enough for this application and it's lightweight. As always we anodized it UV-proof signature Chase Bays Semi-Gloss black with our logo laser etched in the side.

After the stud goes into the block, our Thermostatic Oil Sandwich plate is installed along with the 10AN ORB to 10AN Male Adapters to connect 10AN hoses to oil cooler goes on. For the entire rundown of that product, click here.

With this product you get a reliable, lightweight, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution for adding an Oil Cooler to your 1JZ / 2JZ Engine.


Toyota 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, and 2JZ-GE - 3/4-16


TORQUE SPECS: 23 ft lbs

There is no IN and OUT for the 10AN is pressurized in one direction so it will flow based off pressure. It does not matter which end goes to the cooler or which side of the cooler, it will push itself through in the only direction it flows.