Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake - Reverse Mount



The Chase Bays ULTRA COMPACT Hydraulic Handbrake Reverse Mount Design has many unique features. We've carefully combed through every detail of this product to provide the most compact, stable, comfortable, and simple solution for adding a hydro handbrake to your car. Reverse mount is for those who want the base and master cylinder portion of the Handbrake to go in front of the handle. This is great for mounting it under your radio/climate control area, very stealthy!

If you need the Forward Mount version, click here.

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When we set out to design the perfect handbrake, we took in all the aches and pains of other handbrakes and here's what found. They were too bulky, poor design created large amount of play or shimmy in the handle, extremely uncomfortable on the hand, too hard to pull, and incomplete package (aka missing important components). If you've experienced these issues or you want to avoid them then you're on the right page. Read on to learn how we fixed these common issues.

By using a side mount or sideways mounted master cylinder we've created the most compact base and master cylinder mounting available. We wanted the ability to install under factory center consoles and others on the market do not allow for this. Ours is over 3" inches shorter than the current popular options, we don't even understand why anyone would buy another brands. The increased aesthetics of its minimalism is a nice plus too!

This was huge for us when designing a handbrake. Other handbrakes shimmy in all directions from poor machining tolerances (which creates longer throw from wasted space) and the entire assembly flexes on the tunnel since they lack the proper install hardware. The Chase Brake Handbrake has zero shimmy on the handle. You may experience some from the master cylinder clevis rod itself...this is unfortunately something out of our hands since we don't make master cylinders (yet).

The factory trans tunnel metal flexes too much, so we're offering a steel plate that matches the handbrake base shape. It's even pre-tapped for the supplied hardware. We recommend stitch welding this on. The Hydro Handbrake needs to be supported 100% underneath with a steel base if our Reinforcement Plate isn’t used, and any overhang should be supported from underneath so that the Reinforcement Plate or custom base cannot flex.

We have designs for Stand Alone / Inline Style master cylinder AND Reverse Mount / Forward Mount. No one else is providing a thought out one-off solution like ours. Instead all we see is the same off-the-shelf base with uncomfortable machined handles (with the wrong handle ratio). Which leads us to our next feature...

Comfort & Master Cylinder Size
If you've used other handbrakes besides ours, then you probably experienced a sore hand. We have implemented a cylinder shape comfort grip atop the Chase Bays Handbrake handle and it's guaranteed to leave your hand happy instead of sore.

In addition to this; our handbrake requires minimal force to lock the rear calipers. Nearly every handbrake we see uses a Wilwood base thats designed for a foot activated pedal not a hand activated handle. Our legs are stronger than our arms. Therefore the entire package has to be designed around that.

We've learned a lot about pedal ratios (which is the distance between swing and master cylinder connection plus length of the pedal/handle) with our other product, the Brake Booster Eliminator. We designed a manual brake master cylinder setup that stops the car on a dime and doesn't require additional leg effort.

On our handbrake we tested many theories and landed on what we know is the perfect pedal/handle ratio for minimal throw to lock and easy on the arm. Every master cylinder we provide is 3/4 size bore and it will work with every chassis and caliper setup you throw at it. So if you have to sit there reading a chart on how to setup your calipers with your master cylinder size, you're doing it wrong.

This includes 3AN male fittings needed and has the option for the mounting plate.

Since the Reverse Mount will always be mounted further forward than the reverse mount, if you purchase this Handbrake WITH any of our Handbake Brake Line Kits listed above we will include a 24" -3AN Brake Line Extension and joining Union adapter so it can extend the Handbrake Brake Line Kits above.
Inline to Stand Alone Conversion
We know how drift cars progress, so we always push for making things seamlessly modular. It is so easy to convert your Chase Bays Inline Handbrake to Stand Alone after your purchase. CLICK HERE FOR THE CONVERSION KIT