SCRATCH/DENT Chase Bays -20AN ORB to -16AN Aluminum Adapter - Black

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2 Chase Bays -20AN ORB to -16AN Aluminum Adapters available with minor scratches and imperfections. 

This product is sold as is. Contains scratches and/or dents.

Although this product has slight imperfections it is still 100% in working order.

Please note that the pictures of this product shown are examples. Not one product has the same imperfections. 

We designed and manufactured this adapter fitting for our Radiator and Inline Filler Neck. They're both designed using a -20AN O-Ring Boss (ORB) connection. This allowed both products to be modular in what Inlet/Outlet type can be used.

This particular one is machined from 6061 Aluminum and is anodized in the Chase Bays standard UV-proof satin black. It is made to adapt -20AN ORB to -16AN Connection.

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