Compact Windshield Washer Reservoir: Possibly Our Most Versatile Product

Our Windshield Washer Reservoir/Intercooler Sprayer (WWR) could possibly be our most versatile product. Beyond the two uses in the title, it has also found use as a radiator and tire sprayer. It’s a sleek, compact design offering five different bracket options for easy mounting and has some clever features!

We have a lot of experience making vented, but baffled, reservoir caps from our power steering reservoir, so we put that to work here. Our cap is vented to allow air in when fluid is pumped out, but baffled so fluid can’t escape. 

Our pumps are a reliable, simple design that’s commonly available and easily replaced in the event that it fails after many years of use. It’s mounted with a single allen bolt, and only needs a simple power and ground connection to run. We include a pigtail so you can wire it into your factory switched circuit, or another circuit of your design. 

As the name suggests, the WWR was originally designed to be a compact and aesthetically pleasing alternative to large, ugly factory washer fluid reservoirs. Any builder knows that reclaiming a bit of engine bay space, while maintaining washer function and cleaning up aesthetics is a triple win, and the WWR is the cost effective solution that we created when we simply couldn’t find anything good enough. 

Years of experience with a variety of reservoirs have allowed us to develop versatile options for mounting, and our WWR is available with any of our standard five bracket options 

It’s worth noting that the motor does not have a built-in check valve, and will allow fluid to flow in both directions. This isn’t an issue where the reservoir is mounted low and feeding the washer nozzles on the hood, any fluid draining back through the lines will simply collect back in the reservoir. However, if the reservoir is mounted higher than the nozzle (as in a sprayer for an intercooler, radiator or tire), a check valve can be helpful to prevent leakage. 

One frequent question we get is whether the methanol or ethelyne glycol in washer fluid would be corrosive to their aluminum intercooler or radiator. While it’s true that these chemicals are corrosive to aluminum when they are pure, in washer fluid, they are present in limited amounts - about 40% methanol and 1% ethylene glycol, and many years of usage have proven that they won’t present an issue in these concentrations. However, if you’re concerned, for an intercooler sprayer setup, you can always use pure water. 

Our Compact Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir/Intercooler (or Tire- or Radiator-) Sprayer is a great addition to any build. Grab one, or a few, for your ride! 

November 29, 2023 by Chase Bays

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