Why You Need a Power Steering Upgrade


In nearly a decade of engineering and manufacturing the most complete, easily installed, durable and aesthetically pleasing power steering solutions on the market, we’ve learned a few things. We wanted to share a bit about what we’ve learned and how we’ve applied that to make our products the best in the industry. 

Triple Baffled Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

At the core of each kit is our industry-exclusive triple baffled power steering reservoir. The result of years of engineering starting with advanced computational fluid dynamics and honed on the track - both in drift and grip competition - there’s simply no equal. 



Power steering fluid has a demanding task in a track environment, and commonly can be found pushing out of reservoir caps under heavy use, especially when high speeds, extreme steering angles, aggressive aerodynamics and big, sticky tires are in the mix. Frequently assumed to be boiling, this is actually the result of foaming and aeration as fluid is returned to the reservoir at extremely high flow rates and pressures up to 120psi. 


Our reservoir has unique internal baffling to reduce that 120psi return fluid to 12psi in only two inches of fluid motion. No more aeration. No more spillover. 


Power steering systems need to be vented for proper operation as a loop hydraulic system. Since a simple vent hole could allow for fluid to push out, we needed to engineer a solution that would allow air to pass freely without allowing fluid to escape, and we did. Our unique baffled caps are the third of the baffles in the reservoir and set the Chase Bays product apart from the many imitators. 

We didn’t stop on the inside. Our reservoir is equipped with versatile mounting solutions for any of our five bracket styles, or a bracket of your own fabrication. For a very simple mounting solution, the M8x1.25 threaded holes in the side can be used for direct-mounting to your vehicle! 



Each of our power steering kits utilizes top-shelf Brown and Miller Racing (BMRS) hoses and fittings, the same components found in NASCAR, Indy Car and IMSA race cars. We use 10AN and 6AN sizes, with appropriate adapters for direct fitment to your vehicle. Our team fabricates and individually tests each hose here in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Using high-quality hoses and fittings is critical to avoiding leaks and aeration, barb fittings and hose clamps are the common sources of power steering systems leaking fluid out or pulling air in during heavy performance usage. 


Our Power Steering Kits will vastly improve the durability and aesthetics of your power steering system. In many cases, it makes sense to add a dedicated power steering cooler to reduce temperatures and increase overall fluid capacity in the system. Unlike engine oil that needs to warm up, there’s never a situation where having power steering fluid circulating through a cooler presents any concern, so if packaging and budget allow, we absolutely recommend adding a cooler to every system when possible. In fact, in some applications, we have found that a cooler is absolutely necessary for the longevity of functionality, and in those, our kits are only available with an included cooler. 

We offer two proven styles of cooler, an inline finned heatsink design and a 10-row, drawn-cup style, both featuring 6AN inlet/outlet fittings, black finishes and mounting bosses made for simple, sleek and aesthetically pleasing installations. Our inline style cooler is found as an option in our kits and is proven to reduce temperatures by up to 20°F, but the most extreme situations can step up to our 10-row drawn-cup cooler. 



No more leaks, no more spillover. A better engineered system that’s more aesthetically pleasing. A system that you can stop thinking about, and just enjoy how your car drives. That’s what you get with our Power Steering Kits. Ready to upgrade your car? Find your kit now! 


November 15, 2023 by Chase Bays

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