How To Properly Set Up Manual Brakes

Manual brakes can significantly your improve car control. They allow the driver to precisely adjust the amount of braking force applied which more accurately regulates the speed of the vehicle through turns, resulting in faster lap times. Manual brakes also help reduce the risk of wheels locking up, which of course can result in loss of control and longer lap times. Additionally, Manual Brakes  allow the driver to brake more consistently and progressively, which can result in smoother driving and improved lap times.

The FACT is, the fastest road race cars in the world have manual brakes. From F1 to McLaren GT4. The difference in those setups from just slapping a big master cylinder on a plate and calling it a day, is they use pedal boxes with a 6:1 or 7:1 ratio.A proper manual brake setup is achieved with:

• Matched pedal ratio with Master Cylinder bore size
• Good pad compound
• Front / Rear Bias Adjustment

With these three things you will get the exact same great braking every cycle. The modulation of max braking before lockup is where manual brakes really thrive. The 80-99% zone. Finding the exact level of leg pressure to get that exact threshold is just not possible with power brakes, they’re too inconsistent...especially with boost. Maybe your buddy did X and Y on the track with it but thats anecdotal info. Acquired Motorsport Data isn’t wrong. YES the 80-99% zone is a little more leg effort than power brakes but that’s what makes it so great. This is massively to our benefit in finding the right leg force every time.

Manual brakes are also great in Drift and Rally environments where nearly every turn has a different entry angle and speed, it’s a far less calculated Motorsport. We’re always making tiny on-the-fly adjustments. If we take the same turn 10 times, we may only hit the foot brake half the time. As well, left foot braking is more common…your left foot isn’t used to braking and is often done on the fly as a correction. With the stiffer slightly more leg pressure 80-99% braking, this allows us some forgiveness in not locking up the front brakes and easier modulation in the opposite foot used to controlled modulation.  

OKAY I WANT MANUAL BRAKES AND A 6:1 PEDAL RATIO! How can you achieve pedal box function seen in F1, Indy, IMSA, & GT4 without $5,000+ in parts? Without days of prep, relocation of under-dash components, and fabrication? How can we have a DUAL Piston / Isolated Front and Rear Circuits setup thats approved for nearly every sanctioning body from FIA to WRC to Formula Drift plus SAE and DOT approved? How can we achieve this without removing and drilling the stock pedal or without massive modifications to the firewall or interior? Well after years of hard work, testing, and procurement...these guys have got it figured out.

The Chase Bays Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete with Bolt-On 6:1 Pedal Ratio


This product covers EVERYTHING and its been proven time and time again to shave SECONDS off lap times.. Thanks for reading and hope this helps improve your build.

December 08, 2022 by Chase Bays

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