One of the most common questions we get is how manual brakes are a better option for your race or drift car. Manual brakes are preferred by most professional race car drivers because they offer more control and precision when stopping (and no it is NOT like unplugging the vac line on the booster on your car). This is especially important on the track, where braking inconsistency can cost you a race. Manual brakes allow you to apply the exact amount of pressure you want every corner of every lap. You can brake gently or quickly depending on the situation. 

Manual brakes provide more consistent braking performance. This is important because it allows you to have more control over when you stop and how much braking you're inputing. This is where it thrives for left foot braking and where the major benefit is for Drifting and Rally.

Finally, manual brakes are less susceptible to fading, which can be a major issue when racing. The brakes will remain consistent throughout the race, allowing you to stay in control even when the brakes get hot. So, if you want to give yourself an edge over your competitors, the Chase Bays Dual Piston Brake Booster Delete with 6.1 Pedal Ratio is a great option. It offers more control, reliability, and consistent performance.

Setup is extremely important for manual How To Properly Set Up Manual Brakes to understand setup more.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps your build!

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