Why a Chase Bays Tucked Radiator is Beneficial?

Chase Bays Tucked Radiators

When you begin to use your car for drifting, road racing, rally, or just some fun hard driving, you’ll see the occasional rise in the engine coolant temperature with a factory radiator. Replacing your radiator with a larger aluminum radiator is the first step towards cooling efficiency and engine longevity. Chase Bays has taken this to the next level by creating an aluminum radiator that not only has larger coolant capacity and a dual pass flow design, but it also tucks itself within the engine bay to allow for more space, our larger fans, and added ease working on the car.

Theres quite a few reasons to go with our tucked radiator, first off…It looks better! An all aluminum tig welded radiator specifically designed to tuck itself underneath the core support of all of our most popular chassis. Moving it down and forward under the core support also allows for a better position for air flow and lets you run larger fans when needed. While some minimal cutting to the front core support is typically required, we did this to make the radiator as large as possible while saving overall space. This leads us into the second major reason to run our Tucked Radiator, extra space savings!

Saving space in a crowded engine bay is huge so remember our Tucked Radiator when engine swapping your Honda/Integra, S-Chassis, E30/E36/E46, or FD RX7 to get all the extra room you can get. We use a 3” thick dual pass aluminum core to have more than enough coolant flow and capacity while letting us adjust the width and height dimensions to perfectly fit each chassis. The amount of room saved averages from 6” to 8” depending on model and thats huge in a situation like dealing with a situation like putting a long JZ or V8 engine in a smaller engine bay. Hose Inlet and Outlets on our radiators are on the same side due to the dual pass core and once you install our tucked radiator lower and forward under the core support, factory coolant hoses won’t work. Because of this we offer a multitude of options when it comes to how to set up your fill point and hose routing, which is our third benefit to going with our Tucked Radiator!

We offer a completely modular system of 20AN ORB threaded adapters for the inlet and outlet. The most important piece being our Raised Inline Filler Neck that when mounted directly off the radiator will raise the fill point nearly back to stock height. The fill point still needs to be the highest part of the coolant system for ease of bleeding. From there we have multiple possible combinations for inlet and outlet adapters that allow you to thread on 16AN/20AN/1.38”/1.5” adapters to make your setup work perfectly!

Our final reason to get the Chase Bays Tucked Radiator for your setup is because its quality you can depend on and made to perform flawlessly. All of our radiators are pressure tested during production and then your order is checked thoroughly by our in-house quality control. When you go to order our Tucked Radiator you have the option to add our Chase Bays Radiator Fans that will bolt right on to the bracketing on each radiator. We also make a Dual Fan Relay Harness with 180º F Thermoswitch that greatly simplifies the wiring (couldn't be easier). It’s all fireproof sleeving and labeled to end any guesswork while installing. All together it’s a cooling system made to open up space in their crowded engine bays, greatly improve cooling performance, & get a better look aesthetically.

Dimensions // Application
24" Wide x 11" Tall x 3.5" Thick (3" Core) - Honda Civic // Integra

27.25" Wide x 13.5" Tall x 3.5" Thick (3" Core) - S Chassis // R32

22" Wide x 17" Tall x 3.5" Thick (3" Core) - BMW 3 Series

27.25" Wide x 13.5" Tall x 3.5” Thick (3” Core) - FD RX7

February 03, 2023 by Chase Bays

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