Chase Bays Fuel Line Kit - 92-00 Civic | 94-01 Integra w/ K series



The Chase Bays AN Fuel Line Kit for K20 or K24 swapped Civic / Integra is designed for enthusiasts who want to upgrade and adapt their fuel lines with high end components plus stealthy design. This allows you to adapt an aftermarket fuel rail or fuel pressure regulator (FPR) seamlessly. The kit is assembled with all black aluminum A.N. fittings and -6AN stainless steel reinforced hose with high heat nylon sheathing. We use the best components in the industry and we pressure test every line we assemble. We guarantee a leak free start up if this product is installed correctly.

This deletes a portion of the engine bay feed hard line and replaces the filter. In factory form its ugly, bulky, and routed inefficiently. This kit does retain the OEM fuel line bracket that attaches to the frame rail. You will cut the feed hard line to the same length as the return hard line. The return line will not be cut.

To get the feed and return AN clamps organized without hitting we move the tank vent hard line out of the OEM fuel line clamp in order to move the return line one spot down. To do this you will cut the tank vent line the same length and hand bend it under the frame rail. See photo below for visual reference. This creates a nice tidy look that will allow for easy install / uninstall.

Chase Bays Fuel Line Kit Install

Any K Series equipped car from the factory regulates the fuel pressure at the tank. For swapped chassis we must integrate an external FPR. This kit kit includes all the lines to do so, the 3 adapters needed for the FPR to attach the lines to, and the FPR bracket for easy mounting. The aftermarket FPR kit does not work with 2 port type, just the 3 port type. 

This is a "dead head" setup which means the FPR is pre-fuel rail. Many kits have the FPR after the fuel rail which makes for 1 extra fuel line and more engine bay clutter. Chase Bays specializes in fixing clutter. The dead head setup is what the 3 port FPR’s were designed for and is common practice in the motorsport world.

****Adding the Fuel Pressure Regulator is a separate option on this page. The second option of "Select Fuel Pressure Regulator Type Used" is solely telling us if you're using a stock FPR or aftermarket FPR. Aftermarket FPR's are not 50 dollars...not quality ones at least.****

If you would like to order an FPR separately from the line kit Click Here!