Why Every S Chassis Needs a Power Steering Kit

Why Every S Chassis Needs a Power Steering Kit

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The power steering system is a common failure point for the S Chassis. The factory power steering system develop leaks in the aged lines and on the track, the constant back and forth of the wheels will overheat your fluid. Even when swapping your S Chassis, theres always a headache of adapting the power steering system.

The Chase Bays Power Steering Kit for Nissan 240sx / Silvia S13, S14, S15 is designed to eliminate these common factory power steering leaks, fluid spillover, & overheating issues w/ improved aesthetics, durability, & design. It comes with our Triple Baffled Power Steering Reservoir and BMRS lines which are ran in the highest forms of Motorsport. We’ve optimized and produce each fitting ourselves, increasing the o-ring size or changing the depth of thread, all to insure a consistent leak free install.

The addition of our power steering cooler  kit will aid in keeping the fluid at proper operating temperature. But the last reason to upgrade to our Power Steering Kit is to aid in engine swapping your S Chassis.

It is a fully complete A.N. Hose and Fitting replacement of the stock reservoir and hoses. From the reservoir to pump to rack (and cooler if upgraded). ALL Hose and Hose Ends are BMRS aka Brown and Miller Racing aka the best Hose/Hose  Ends in the world.

Our over-engineered Triple-Baffled Power Steering Reservoir (aeration & spillover proof) is at core of this kit. Our reservoir is constructed of 6061 aluminum & anodized black w/ laser etched cap. Reservoir itself uses our aluminum bracket & can be mounted in stock location or on the radiator core support to give clearance for top mount turbos.

We've put serious engineering time into internal design to negate aeration & spillover. The smaller fitting on Reservoir is fluid return from the rack and can be sent back at pressures up to 120psi. When that hits fluid in the reservoir it can cause extreme foaming aeration if not properly slowed down & directed. More the steering & RPM on the car, higher the pressures will be. This is what commonly causes spillover.  Most people think PS fluid is boiling over, but in most cases its just turbulence.

Power Steering is loop hydraulic system, it needs to be vented. Even the cap has a unique baffle design to block fluid from pushing out of vent. Go to any road race/drift/rally event & look at all factory (most aftermarket) PS reservoirs. By end of the day there's spillover around reservoirs. It was our goal to be the 1 in 100 reservoirs to have no spillover.  We're proud to say; that goal has been met.

Our clever reservoir mounting brackets makes a few adjustments from stock. Bracket itself works for S13, S14 & S15 chassis unlike stock. On S13 bolt holes are slightly further back on shock tower (like S14 & S15) but positioning is nearly the same. We did push reservoir toward engine 1" to allow room for wheel tubs.

If you have top mount setup then it may collide w/ reservoir. On our mockup chassis we have top mount GT2871R & it clears. Use our install photos as reference.

If you need more clearance in that area we make a kit that mounts reservoir on core support, click here: https://www.chasebays.com/products/chase-bays-power-steering-kit-nissan-240sx-s13-s14-s15-with-sr20det-or-ka24de-core-support-mounting 


February 28, 2023 by Rolando Alfaro